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Why we love Buckets!

montessori homeschool curriculum

& alignment.

montessori homeschool curriculum


montessori homeschool curriculum


  Buckets is a thematically organized, Mason and Montessori inspired curriculum. We take the best from both traditions and combine them into a modern setting. Each month includes a living books reading list so that children may plunge into the theme with great literature. Visit the library or meander through a second hand book store with your favorite cup of coffee before the month begins.

  Themes really help children dig their heels into a topic! Parents everywhere love the simplicity of presentation, opportunities for life experiences, and organic vocabulary development. Best of all, the themes are aligned across grade levels so that families can grow together.

  This kid-approved method allows each child daily freedom. At the beginning of the month, prepare the child's work shelf. Simply print the bundle and follow the directions for each activity.

As the child sits down to work each day, they are free to choose between the many engaging activities on the shelf, and the more traditional worksheets included in each packet. There are no daily scripts to battle over. Children need more than rote knowledge to succeed in life. Buckets is the perfect choice for strengthening these executive functioning skills.

  Montessori wisely placed a great deal of importance on observing the child. Before the month ends, observe your child with the monthly goals in mind. Is there any goal that needs a bit more attention? Identify the game or activity that best matches your child's needs and play together. 

The monthly goals give you a clear road map for the journey ahead. Each skill is scaffolded so that learning is organic, with a smooth and engaging growth in skills. Every day we get a little further towards our goals!

Children using Buckets homeschool curriculum develop focus, pride in their work, a growth mindset, intrinsic motivation, and a relentless curiosity for the world around them. 

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