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Public School's Great Lie

This is Joe Rogan in 1994.

This is Joe Rogan now.

What happened between these two videos that caused such a massive difference?

Nearly 30 years of intense training and an insatiable curiosity

As of today Joe Rogan has interviewed 1,042 people for his podcast. And he doesn't get just any ol' guy off the street for his conversations. Joe strives for the best in each field, in a wide range of fields. Then he comes prepared with a refreshing understanding of his own ignorance and a prepared set of questions. Then he listens. REALLY listens. For several hours. Imagine being able interview every person you have ever been interested to meet. How much more would you know by the end of the experience?!

This brings me to the point of this article...

What is the greatest lie public school ever told? Learning happens best at school.

Almost everyone knows this but it often lurks in a special region of the brain - "things we know but don't KNOW we know." There is a difference between your understanding of the revolutionary war and your mastery of the roads in your town. However do you make it to the grocery store without first learning to do so in a classroom?

In the most sneaky, damaging way, school has taught us that education is a tool to be acquired so that we may have a job, so that we may live "well' in some foreseeable future. We front load all learning into the beginning of our lives, keeping an end to these lessons in our mind like a light at the end of the tunnel. How joyous we are when we throw our caps into the air with a communal sigh of relief at graduation. Our learning is done! Let the living begin!

Our culture is erected upon "learn now, live later". What arrogant ignorance.

We are all idiots at 20. Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on an education and two decades of compulsory learning, we are ALL idiots at 20. Our culture let loose the formal ties that bind us to a relationship with our elders and focused all attention on getting to the finish line - a college education. In doing so we lost the recognition of our own insignificance and need for continual growth.

And so I present to you Joe Rogan - An idiot in his 20s and nearing an historical figure in his 50s. Joe knows what all who truly live know. Life is an active game. Our bodies are to be developed. Our minds are to be developed. Our relationships are to be developed. Constantly.

And so homeschool answers the greatest lie public school tells. Learning doesn't happen best at school. Learning happens best within relationships. When loving elders share their wisdom, we learn. When respected experts in their field share their knowledge, we learn. When we are interested in the way a concept or set of information effects our lives by allowing us to gain a new skill or develop a new idea, we learn.

Blessings in your journey,

Buckets & Berries


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