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Puzzles!! A giant list of must haves!

We love puzzles! They are a workout for the fine motor skills. They quietly teach the difference between parts and whole. They isolate objects for further observation, They demand patience, persistence and concentration. They strengthen every skill needed for problem solving, and when overcome they add to the child's belief the he can do things. They are an amazing tool.

I'll try to narrow down the ones that appeal most to my minions, but it is a bit like trying to pick a favorite song. Aim high and miss among the stars, right? Big breath. I can do this.

Toddler Puzzles

Colorful Shape Puzzle by GUBBER&MUMU

Toddler Photo Puzzle by Environments

Vegetables Chunky Puzzle by Excellerations

Chunky Puzzles by Melissa and Doug

(Yes. I know there are 8 puzzles in this collection, but it really is that amazing.)

Just Past Chunky Puzzles

I Can Count Puzzle at Lakeshore Learning

Alphabet Puzzle Set by Excellerations

Montessori Puzzles by Elite Montessori

(These are the best at introducing parts versus the whole, and labeling parts of animals.)

Easy Puzzles (4-year-old)

4 in 1 Puzzle by Melissa and Doug (There are so many of these 4 in 1's available. They are all excellent quality! This is just the one my boys like best)

3 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles by Melissa and Doug

Woodland Puzzle by Petit Collage

50 Piece (5-year-old)

Solar System Floor Puzzle by Melissa and Doug

World of Bugs by Melissa and Doug

Arctic Life by Mudpuppy

Map of the World by Mudpuppy

United States of America by Melissa and Doug

I can not in good faith go past these because my children have not ventured into the land of 100 piece puzzles. Perhaps I can come back in a year or two and update. It makes my heart happy just thinking about their future leap! Take the age suggestions with a very large grain of salt. Every kid gets where they are going in their own speed. Just keep nurturing those Sweet Joys with a prepared environment. They will take care of the rest!

I hope our journey inspires your own.

Blessings to you all,

Buckets and Berries


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