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Why I Homeschool

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." ~Dr. Seuss

I am asked frequently, "Why do you homeschool? ... even more so now that families around the country are seriously considering the topic. I thought I should stop in and put my answers 'out there' for all those families making the decision this year. The list is rather long, because I tend to have all the opinions on ALL the things, but here are the big three.

#3 Climate

The kids wake up around 6:30 most mornings. They wander into the kitchen and generally get in the way "helping me cook" as I make breakfast and get the coffee going.

If we had to go anywhere, or if I had to get ready for work, there would be an element of, "get out of my way". But because we have nowhere to go, it is easier for me to be gracious and kind. It's easier for me to slow down and match the sloth like speed with which young children do things. I am not stressed because of a ticking clock.

As we sit and eat, we can focus on being together. I choose homeschooling because I choose relaxed breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snuggles. There is no after work crunch to get kids fed and bathed and ready for bed. I don't have to dig deep and give my best to my kids when I am at the end of my rope. I don't battle Mommy guilt in the evenings because I know they have had plenty of wonderful moments with me all day. ("Brush your teeth already. Now, please!! Because I said so. Stop making this so hard and just do your jobs!"~ Mrs. WishesSheHadMorePatience ButComeOnAlready)

#2 Freedom

My Sweet Joys are only required to do three jobs a day since they are still so little. (We aim for every day. Yes, summers and weekends too.) This takes about 30 minutes. Some days they get in a groove and play with their school work for hours. Sometimes they finish up and head off to other stuff. No biggie.

Have you ever heard the expression "many hands make light work"? Same general idea here. Because they hit something school related almost every day, they make it through the Buckets and Berries curriculum just fine, and the process is nearly painless.

That leaves 7 extra hours in the day that we aren't riding the bus, or patiently listening to the teacher's third explanation because classmates are confused, or standing in line waiting for you-know-who to stop talking. With this extra time they may explore paths of their own choosing, and the paths they choose are what make me most proud! It is also the highlight of my day! I love to watch the places they travel to on their own accord.

Alongside freedom of study is freedom of movement. Public school has been chipping away at recess for so long that it is almost non existent now. I disagree with this so much that it makes me shake with anger. It is a travesty. It is child abuse. Young children should be spending hours a day playing. Free play is a critical part of their development. I can't say more politely so... on I go.

#1 Joy!

As crazy as it sounds, one of the main reasons I homeschool is because I genuinely like my kids. I know everyone loves their kids, but I LIKE mine too. A contributing factor to this is that we get the chance to develop our relationships. We live life together, not next to each other. I have no judgement for the latter, I just love my life this way.

I get to see all of their adventures. What a blessing! I know the day is coming when they will come to me with well presented arguments requesting public school. When that day comes, they will get a resounding, "Yes! Let's do this! Good luck!" But I dread it already. You know that feeling on Sunday afternoon when the day is so perfect and Monday is looming like a rabid elephant, threatening to ruin it all? Samsies. I brush it away and refocus on the present. I love this life stage.

If you have been considering the leap, give it a go! Jump off that road most traveled and explore with your kids a while. You can do this!

I hope our journey inspires your own,

Buckets and Berries



Thanks! 😊💕💕



Love, love, love! I'm so proud of all of you. Life is simply a series of "Love lessons", is it not?

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