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After many requests, here it is! Just the readers!


For those of you who have a homeschool curriculum you love, but are looking for additional reading practice for your 1st Grade Joy, look no further. This file contains a printable bundle of the entire set of 1st Grade Readers from the Hearts and Hands Homeschool curriculum.


The Hearts and Hands Homeschool reading philosophy is that there is wisdom in developing a growing database of sight words AND in strengthening the phonological connections. Both are incredibly important. The key lies in keeping sight words as decodable as possible. When children are first learning to blend in Kindergarten, our readers contain only two letter, short vowel words: in, at, is, it... As short a CVC words are introduced, the sight words expand to can, and, all, has, and similar words. While 1st graders are working on long A CVCE words, their sight words match the pattern. (make, take, care...) In this manner we work our way through the entire Fry and Dolch lists. This method ensures that children are developing a proper phonic foundation, as well as a growing number of immediately recognizable sight words. Children taught to learn through this method will soon be able to read unfamiliar words thanks to their strong phonics background, and thanks to a growing repertoire of sight words, comprehension skills will never be a struggle. 


1st Grade Scope and Sequence:

August: short a words with blends and digraphs

September: short e words with blends and digraphs

October: short i words with blends and digraphs

November: short o words with blends and digraphs

December: short u words with blends and digraphs

January: long a CVCE words

February: long o CVCE words, OE words

March: long i CVCE words, IE words

April: long u CVCE words, UE words

May: EE words

June: EA, OA, AI words

July: AY words, continued EA, OA, AI practice


With this scope and sequence, your child will end first grade reading Green Eggs and Ham with ease!!!




1st Grade "Just the Readers"

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