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Print, Play, Learn


In this massive package are 12 thematic units that teach prekindergarten math, reading, writing, and science. Using a combination of hands-on, play based manipulatives and traditional written work, your child will master all grade level goals with ease. Even better ~ since the material is thematically based, aligned across grade levels, and organized monthly, YOU get the simplest teaching experience possible! Let each sibling work at their own level within the same theme!



This means in January, both your kindergartener and your prekindergartener will be studying space. The difference between the packets is depth of study. One of the most complicated parts of homeschooling many children at once is keeping track of everyone's material! What should each child be doing today? Many parents burn out by October and spend the rest of the year treading a bit of water. Not here. With the Buckets & Berries approach, parents can print and prepare for the month. Then, step back. Let your child choose where today will take them. Give them a voice in their study! Since so much of the units are play based, you will find siblings working together instead of fighting for your attention. It really is that easy, so don't stress yourself!



Keep homeschooling simple and leave more time for living.




Frequently asked questions!!

Where do you get your materials printed?

Our company has a partnership with Humble Heart Press. Their prices, quality, and customer service are the best we have found. Use the code buckets&berries at check out for an additional 10% off!


Is this a Christian curriculum?

Buckets is a comprehensive math, reading, writing, and science curriculum written by believers, but it does not contain biblical material. Though we believe in the teachings of Jesus, we believe it is the role of the parents to pass on such wisdom.


How do I prepare the materials?

At the beginning of each month, print off the entire month's packet. (SINGLE SIDED!!) The first half of each packet contains hands on activities and games. Cut out these activities and place them in their own basket on the child's work shelf. Place the remaining worksheets into a folder or clip board on the child's work shelf. That's it! There is no daily preparation with Buckets, just set it and go.


Can I share my file?

These files are shareable within a single homeschooling family. You may print as many times as you need, but please only share with siblings. This is our livlihood. 


Will you be making more years?

The ultimate goal is to provide families with four years of unique units, each available for preschool through second grade so that homeschooling siblings may study together with new material each year, without sacrificing grade level expectations. Until this goal is reached, keep checking back each summer for our new additions!


Where can I go if I have questions about the material?

Send us an email any time at No question is too small and almost everything you can think of has been asked before. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Complete PK Homeschool Curriculum

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